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aeternal # Posted on 2011-11-17 at 02:23AM UTC

Phrizz, glad to see you back… reading the few posts in the last couple of minutes it looks like MS has struck again somehow (predictably). I pray that since hitachi fw is in testing that this won’t be another delay / setback.

I agree completely with your sentiments towards piracy. it really irks me when people play the “backup” card. How many people are being honest and own the original disk when they burn a backup heh? and is it really that hard to keep the originals safe and clean? I agree, that developers should get paid and rewarded for the hard efforts… but it’s not like they are living in poverty. I don’t see piracy becoming mainstream and killing the industry. Modding to me is like a fun hobby. It’s interesting to see what people can come up with on various devices. I’d really like to check out the RGH but xbox live is more important to me.