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phrizz # Posted on 2011-11-19 at 08:47PM UTC

That dude is nothing but a troll Quick..he came here harping about the xkey but my question to him is: if you use the xkey, why the hell are you on a CFW news site? And why on earth are you gracing a forum topic about Hitachi CFW with your obvious superior intelligence?

And Quick, I responded to one of your recent comments about Hitachi in the other sections but it’s “awaiting moderation” for some reason. The gist of it was that 2.0 would definitely be useful for pre-78 and others like myself with a 78/79 who don’t use Live for anything. However, the RGH is looking more and more attractive each and every day the “testing” continues to drag on.

I didn’t think that by “testing”, it meant every “team member” was going to test every single game ever to be released to date and play them all from start-to-finish before “testing” is complete. What a joke it has all become..again, RGH looks pretty sexy right now lol..I need to find a good tutorial for my phat 79 Zephyr box..