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phrizz # Posted on 2011-11-22 at 03:01AM UTC

This long ass “testing” phase shit definitely sucks…all the other drives 2.0 released on Oct. 4th. I saw someone say in the comments “well there is 9 different Hitachi drives that each need firmware”, and that is correct, however, looking at the 1.91 firmware pack there are about 7 different firmwares for all the OTHER drives. Testing for those ~7 took about 4 days, testing for the 9 Hitachi is going on to what, the 3rd week now? So that theory fails, “Guest”.

I also saw that same someone post (the dude masquerading as a helper who uses “Guest” as an alias); “well Hitachi is more complex to read/write the firmware”..what a joke, Hitachi is one of the easiest drives to flash. No bullshit special PCB and/or QSB’s like some of the Lite-On’s, no absurd trace cutting/kamikaze hacks, no stupid anal probe to dump the drive key, no “half-tray-open” crap to get into vendor mode, no locking/unlocking the freaking SPI, and no need for a dumb (pun intended =P) Dummy.bin – how much simpler could a flash be? The only “extra” thing even a 79 needs is the 79 Unlock CD to get it in Mode-B. Another failed theory Mr.Super Guest Helper.

In reality, Lite-On’s, aside from the very first one (DG-16D2S), are the biggest PITA drives to flash out of all the drives I have done. My BenQ was also extremely simple like my Hitachi, couple clicks and it was flashed with the 0800 FW. I’m just frustrated hearing all the excuses along with the regurgitated “soon it’s in testing”, “making CFW isn’t easy! soon” and all the other stupid ass answers we get (mostly from “Guest”). What it boils down to, this “Guest” who pretends to be a helper is only here for a post-count award because the dude responds to nearly EVERY SINGLE comment while actually contributing next to nothing besides his post count. Then he gets mad at anyone who mentions Hitachi, lol. Suck some balls dude, suck some seriously big wart-covered donkey balls. Thanks for playing!


Oh, and this darkziosj character seems like a real winner too, he/she probably has dozens of friends!..even though they’re all complete strangers & online-only but still! Darkzitfacedprepubescent, if you have an xkey, why are you on a site dedicated to CFW news/announcements, let alone trolling a thread specifically about Hitachi CFW? Go play your Xbox with xkey you dumbass, unless the install is too complex for you and you’re still just debating on whether or not to even get one. I’m betting on the latter.

lol..sorry to everyone else here who DOESN’T brush their teeth with pig shit, I’ve had a very long & stressful day. =P