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phrizz # Posted on 2011-11-24 at 09:14PM UTC

[2011-11-03 07:46PM UTC] #fw phat hitachi code complete,testing

So according to that log, Hitachi has technically been “in testing” since November 3rd..three weeks ago today, what a joke. If all the other drives took this long to test, you wouldn’t even be able to refresh the front page from all the people bitching and moaning about Samsung/BenQ/Lite-On tests taking too long. Do I condone the amount of complaining from Hitachi users in the comments section(s)? Not really, but at this point I can completely understand it. I want 2.0 too, my 79FL is eager to be running an even-numbered firmware =P

Everybody who bitches about Hitachi users have been running 2.0 since October 2nd and are only here now because they were stupid enough to be playing their downloaded unverified (no abgx) XGD3 “back-ups” online during the Dae.bin update so they can’t play anymore. Now they’re crying for 3.0 a month and a half after they got 2.0 yet they shit all over us because we want 2.0 – this place is as bad of a joke as the three+ weeks of Hitachi testing.