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drprofessor # Posted on 2011-11-24 at 11:32PM UTC

Phrizz, I completely agree with your last two posts. Hitachi users have been waiting almost two months, and now that LT 3.0 is announced, people praise c4 to the heavens while shitting on anyone who dares voice their opinion on the long-standing Hitachi debacle.

I hate to break it to you though, LT 2.0 for Hitachi has simply not been worked on at all. There is no testing going on, and there was no bug. We’re being fed the placebo of seeing the blue “in testing” text on the homepage, when it should be fully known that Benq/LiteOn/Samsung users will be getting their precious online AP 2.5 fix first.

It’s quite clear there is no interest in devving for this brand any longer. It is simply not a priority, despite Hitachi users making up a LARGE number of 360 owners, as well as being one of the EASIEST to code for. Sadly, I and others aren’t capable of c4′s level of skill, and cannot write an updated version of jungleflasher or even abgx.

I estimate a Hitachi LT 2.0 release some time early next year. February, maybe? Right now though, c4 couldn’t care less.