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Jester5204 # Posted on 2011-11-25 at 08:24PM UTC

Oh my god. Havent checked this in weeks and it is absolutely hilarious that people are still waiting and relying on this dude. Let me spell it out for you. He doesnt want to work on it and hates hitachis, but he doesnt want anyone else to because then why would all of the donations go to him? This dude likes the attention he gets from this shit. For christ sake were posting on a site called c4evaspeaks. Like he is some sort of figure to look up to. Which by the way, its fucking hilarious that this site is called that, considering he rarely speaks and if he does its cryptic one word statements so he seems mysterious or some bullshit. Give up and buy your games. Its more fun and less of a headache anyway. Plus, the money will go to people that are actually creating something instead of some nerd who wants some sort of cyber glory.