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QuickMythril # Posted on 2011-11-26 at 04:08AM UTC

hahaha! anytime i see you are the most recent poster i check it out…always a good read. (mclane, twisted247, and more recently aceofvalens, whom i started talking with on the xbox360iso forums, are also posters i hold in higher regard.) i usually only read threads and do comments on my upstairs computer, but i just tried to log in for the heck of it and i guess it works now. yeah i figured it wasn’t a buckeye, i was making a maple leaf joke earlier, but it’s hard to pick up on sarcasm when reading text. i actually got to visit family in the netherlands for a weekend. it was pretty nice. i was a little surprised to see shops on the street with cactus and mushroom advertised. anyway, thanks for backing me up on the “after dec 6th” thing.