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toestarx # Posted on 2011-11-26 at 09:03PM UTC

I finished Red dead Rev and New Vagas waiting for 2.0 lol, I never thought I would bother finishing them. I’m assuming that they’re actually having problems with the firmware. They didn’t say they were stopping, so no news might be good news (they haven’t given up), not that that makes anyone less impatient. I’ve started looking at this as a chance to catch up on older games rather than an inconvenience and its done wonders for my sanity. The comments section is getting ridiculous, but it looks like this is where some of the sanity is hiding.

I’m actually ONLY waiting to play Skyrim. I always buy from Bethesda, I’d never pirate from them cuz I want them to keep making games at least until I die from carpel tunnel playing their games. I STILL can’t play with my original, because my 360 became a scratcher about a year ago(its an 05). Its only ruined 1 backup, and never an original yet (thank god). The damage seems to be almost randomly done, and it only ruined a copy of GTA 4, the scratches it makes are very shallow usually don’t ever make a disk unreadable, except that once, and installing it helps a lot. So its funny I have a retail copy of Skyrim, just for the sake of supporting them (Morrowind is why), and I refuse to play of my own volition because in hundreds of hours of use since the scratching started my 360 has ruined one disk and I’ll be damned if Skyrim is the 2nd. Put the pirates aside and this is WHY 360 backups exist. I also don’t want to take my box apart twice, to stock for Skyrim, then again for 2.0 “soon”. I also won’t replace my xbox or drive because it aint broke and I love having a relatively M$ resistant drive.

@prizz: I don’t think you need to keep it on the DL, pictures of it aint illegal lol. Hard not to be “in the know” on that too, cept kid I guess. Its funny we tried to decriminalize it in Canada in 2002. It was gonna pass too (something like 60% house approval). The US drug enforcement agency killed it by threatening to close the border if it passed and other trade killing actions. They made it clear they’d rather have us both lose billions (mostly us thought) than risk any trafficking. It was odd lol cuz we were decriminalizing it in small amounts (fines), not legalizing it (just like in is in some states), and even Mexico-US is an open border. Conservatives have been in power since then and they won’t try again (in Canada, Canadian conservative party=American republican party). Theres your fact of the day I guess lol. I’m not anti American at all if I sounded that way, I lived there for a bit (Texas), its just their foreign policy is a tiny touch super aggressive lol.