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QuickMythril # Posted on 2011-11-26 at 09:53PM UTC

why don’t you get those little foam pads that keep the disc from rubbing against the drive tray… lol, people on yahoo answers have been asking about the circular disc scratches. they think it is some kind of “laser burn” hahaha. why would you have to go to stock to play your retail skyrim? it’s not LT that is causing the scratches. and if your xbox is ruining your discs without you bumping it or anything, then i would say that is sort of a broken drive. maybe you should take it all apart and see if there is some wire or plastic sticking out of place that would press against where your disc spins.

you say it has only scratched one backup? or do you mean only one to the point of no return… maybe i just don’t know enough about your situation, but your scratching fears seem to be a little bit unfounded.