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phrizz # Posted on 2011-11-27 at 12:05AM UTC

It’s astonishing just how many die-hard trolls cling to the comments section(s).

This thumbs-up/down system is absurd when all it takes is one or two I-hate-school-and-my-mom-and-dad adolescents signing up with multiple user names who can essentially decide what comments are hidden due to rating or which ones narrowly escape it. I can’t even count how many useful and informative comments get thumbs-down for seemingly no reason and therefore rarely get read. It then leads to the same question(s) being asked, re-answered, and inevitably re-hidden due to dick-burgers with zero to contribute aside from carbon dioxide. It’s especially ridiculous when this broken system is setup for pure anonymity, thus these kids who probably can’t even type properly (since you never see an actual response from someone who disagrees – just a thumbs-down one to two minutes after every single post) can ruin good comments with a mouse-click.

It’s really sad that even admin has comments which are hidden due to poor rating. That alone tells you that this place is overwhelmed with immature kids aged 12-17 living off mom and pops money. I’m 26, so obviously I was once that age, but I hope to god I didn’t act like that, I would without a doubt be completely ashamed.

Alright, those are my feelings about the thumbs-up/down system implemented in the comments sections here. I like to provide you all with a rant every day or two until some Hitachi news drops. I’ll return tomorrow (or Monday) with something else at the same bat-time, same bat-channel! ;)