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Giov3 # Posted on 2011-11-27 at 02:44PM UTC

@croc: thanks for the reply, is a pretty long story, I will try to explain you with my poor english, i am italian.
I bought my xbox in 2008, the first flash to lt was not good (my tray won’t open) so i think the guy who sold me the xbox changed the drive with a flashed hitachi.I don’t know if the xbox mounted an hitachi originally or if that guy spoofed the drive.(i cannot check now, the guy that must flash me the xbox to lt.2.0 already has my console).
At present, my console is in stock firmware due to an update.I will ask to that guy to flash the drive to lt 2.0 and if isn’t working(i don’t think he will make me pay if there are problems), i will buy a brand new xbox 360 with liteon because I am pretty tired.