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QuickMythril # Posted on 2011-10-16 at 10:45PM UTC

i can see how many people like to complain in the comments section. it drives me crazy and makes me want to strangle everyone. there are only a handful of xgd3 games… i don’t want to hear “we got nothing” that’s total garbage. you got over 99% of the entire xbox 360 game library. hitachi is not being ignored, it will happen. he must just think that everyone with a hitachi is a moron, i don’t blame him for not hurrying. it’s the people who complain and nag that don’t even deserve something like this. how about hitachi 0500, now they really have nothing. but they knew the risk when buying a brand new 360 S. this whole thread is a joke… what happened to hitachi 79?? NOTHING HAPPENED YET SO SHUT UP!