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phrizz # Posted on 2011-10-17 at 01:50AM UTC

QuickMythril got his panties all bunched up and twisted! ;) You can honestly say that EVERYONE else who was waiting for their respective 2.0 firmware weren’t just as bad or worse? I’ve been lurking this place a while and I’m preeettyyy sure Liteon owners acted quite similar to Hitachi owners, but keep in mind Hitachi is ALWAYS last “on the to-do list”.

I’m not bashing you by any means m8, you clearly have a reasonable head on your shoulders but to come to this particular thread seemingly just to bash Hitachi owners cause you don’t like seeing their posts is a bit counter-intuitive and a waste of time on your part AND everyone who is complaining. It’s not like c4 regularly checks the forums for who wants what the most..Avoid this thread altogether and you may reduce your stress levels :) ..just my 2cents m8

A lot of your other posts in various other threads that I’ve come across have been helpful to other users in the forums so please don’t take this as an attack because it’s not m8. And I understand there is a difference between properly making a request and making requests that are apparently utterly stupid-driven.

Cheers m8

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