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Ucla # Posted on 2012-05-13 at 09:10AM UTC

That’s odd what speed are you burning them at? 90% of the time when I burn anything above 2.4x it does exactly what you are talking about. I have all those roms you put as an example and although I have no clue what source you got them from.. They all work fine for me. I am sure someone will come on saying you need to use verbs. Verbs do work best I will give them that. However I am using cheap media (Windata and Memorex) for all the games you are having issues with and they are working fine for me again as long as I burn at 2.4x.. Also I am not sure if this matters but, before I burn using burnermax I open EEPROM hit the CLEAR MEDIA LEARN button on first page then hit options tab and press the CLEAR OPC HISTORY button. Again not sure if that really matters but, back when this first came about someone had suggested to do those before every new xgd3 burn and I have just made it a habit to do so.