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QuickMythril # Posted on 2011-12-29 at 02:59PM UTC

originally the liteons 74850C and 83850Cv1 did not need probed. 83850Cv2 and 93450C needed probed at the r707 point and also required a trace cut i believe. when they updated the xboxes ofw for xgd3 they made all the old liteons the same firmware 02510C. if you are on the new firmware or have LT on your liteon then you can use the new PMT method that involves probing on the mpx01 point. you might need to modify your probe for this, but you won’t need the old probe setup anymore anyway. here’s an explanation:

as for the slim drives, if you are just using a via card, you might need to buy a x360usb pro (i forget why, all i remember is i had to buy one to do slims.) if you are lucky enough to come across a DG-16D4S slim instead of the DG-16D5S or hitachi DLN10N (which are currently not flashable), you will either have a winbond or a macronix (mcix) chip inside. if you have a winbond then you have to actually bore a hole into the drive’s main chip to unlock it and be able to write to it. if you mess it up however, you might just need to buy a replacement pcb for the drive. if you have a mcix, you can unlock it like the old liteons, using a trace cut and a probe (or a switch that you solder onto the board)

basically to answer your question, NO drives require the ck3 probe anymore. if you look at the picture in the link i sent you the “probe” in the picture just has the needle connected to one of the wires in the dvd cable. none of the actual circuitry of the probe will be used, it’s basically just a handle with a pin at the end. you could solder a wire onto anything really, like a pair or scissors or a screwdriver, just make sure it’s conductive.