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twisted247 # Posted on 2012-03-21 at 01:35PM UTC

there was no them on the xbox 1 as far as flashing cfw. it was just c4eva and many thought it was bullshit when he posted in hack forums that he had did it. but wasnt long till peeps was using it. and then came team xecuter with custom bio’s and kernel and years later big teams of peeps working together with 1 goal. they also keep it free that is the cfw . the money comes from the hardware team xecuter sells and donations. but then there wasnt as many server side checks either. the so called cat and mouse game was just starting and now it is very tuff to code im sure as both m$ and c4eva, teamx ,team jungle r stepping there game up. it will be done but would u rather them rush and u get it now play ur backups for a few days then bam banned due to it being rushed. alot of people rely on them and if they were not trying for live safety then would be alot easier im sure but when u are putting out something that millions will use u need it to be right . nobody wants to be the one under the gun if it fails. due to rushing it along. so chill never since the beginning have i seen c4eva say it and it not happen. he and the team will produce a cfw but it is from scratch so to speak and just as quick said will take sum time