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QuickMythril # Posted on 2012-02-22 at 02:11PM UTC

from my understanding the first dumps of the drive were done by decapping the chip (which is basically dissolving the outer layer) and interacting with the inner microcircuitry to achieve a similar result to what the kamizaze hack does. however the firmware was encrypted using a different method to other firmwares. as of yet no one has reported whether or not this encryption has been broken. even if it has, the decryption method and also the dump method have not been made public. my guess is that there might not be a simple hardware hack like the other drives (sputnik, mra, pmt, kamikaze) and you might have to get a replacement board no matter what. maybe they are working on a new version of jungleflasher that can handle the decryption process. at this point it is all speculation and i will definitely post anytime i hear anything newsworthy from a trusted source.

short answer: only the devs know if it can be dumped easily enough and if the key can be extracted yet, and if they know a way, they are keeping it secret for now. (shortest answer: no)