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QuickMythril # Posted on 2012-05-07 at 06:41PM UTC

are people getting confused between 1175 and corona boards?? not all xboxes with 1175 drives have a corona motherboard, so those videos could have been trinity motherboards with 1175, which doing rgh for those is nothing new.

brenas25: you have it backwards. you said “voltage: 9,86A its Corona and rgh is possible and 10,83A its Trinity-presently no way out for rgh.”

but trinity has been able to be rgh’d for a while now, and corona was just hacked by team xecuter: of course there is the corona v2 board (also called Physon), which i think the spi can’t even be accessed with normal read/write methods.

Jantsa: check back at, they will post the method for corona rgh soon.

also important to point out, if you rgh you cannot go online, so if you want to use xbox live, it’s best to just wait for LT+ to be released for the drive.