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marcosmala # Posted on 2012-05-09 at 03:24PM UTC

Guys, let’s have a little more patience please, or do you guys think that a release for any type of console is easy?
The staff in C4eva not required to do any of these things to any of us, they’re just doing us a kindness, I also have an xbox motherboard with corona and drive 1175 and here in Brazil games are much more expensive because we have to pay import taxes,
games here can cost up to: $ 101.98 (R$ 200.00) and I’m already waiting for the unlock to 5 months; then please let the staff work with the c4eva without offending the guys who are working for us same, and already thought about the possibility of people not doing anything for any of us? is so take a look at how many unlocks were already made I believe esles are working hard.
We must also remember that it is not an island that is being unlocked but the global level and will have to do microsoft xbox Autumn and other types of locks …. So please let’s be a little more patient, we’ve waited until now and none of us will die waiting for a while, our destarve is under development and if we by chance we had here this drive: Hitachi 0500/0502 DLN10N NO INFOAtualmente there are two models of Xbox 360 Slim that can not yet be released, they are the Lite-On 1175 (DG-16D5S) and the Hitachi 0500/0502 (DLN10N).

The Lite-On model 1175 (DG-16D5S) is being studied and believe that the method for the release of this driver will be released soon, should take no more than two months, so if you have one of those wait a little longer.

The Hitachis 0500/0502 (DLN10N) does not have any predictions, these drivers are very rare, apparently there are few units at retail, so in that case was given priority for the release of the Lite-On 1175 (DG-16D5S), is several of these consoles being sold at prices below market value because there is no provision for his release.

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