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boonmodder # Posted on 2012-05-10 at 05:26PM UTC

at least another month maybe more,One …. knowing Team X it will be released around the time of the new usbpro2 ..Two I’m sure there working on the key extract method for us newbs weather its hardware ie. RGH or just simply using a probe and JF ..or JF alone which i seriously doubt but I’m praying for cause i don’t wanna buy any new flashing hardware and while they have been working for months on the 1175 if it was done it would already be out….And Three….would you people just stop freaking asking when..when…it’ll be out when its out …be glad your not a hitachi owner at this rate christmas or 2013 or c4 could be giving yall a serious gift and release both 1175 and hitachi 2gether …fingers crossed… now go take a cold shower :-D