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marcosmala # Posted on 2012-07-03 at 05:18PM UTC

We are happy to announce that the new and latest version of the CoolRunner 3 design is now in the hands of a core group of testers and we are very happy with the results on Trinity & Corona.

The updated RGH3 is giving great timings on our test machines (both Trinity & Corona are glitching amazingly well (1,1,2,1,1,1,1,1,2,1…..).

We can also now tell you about the new RATER feature.

When hooked up to a new QSB system that we will show you soon and the new J-R programmer v2, the J-Runner software will automatically test your glitch settings for you giving an overall score in performance (this is fully automatic including console resets!)

There are several timing settings that we found to work across our test machines so we included them all on the CoolRunner v3 – so you can simply test each setting and stick with the best RATER score. The average timings can be taken over a few tests or hundreds – even thousands (example we tested a machine with 1500 and found its highest rater score to show that 83% of its glitches were in its very first glitch cycle!)

No more guess work

We will give you more info very soon, but we are gearing up ready for full production in the next few weeks.

Join IRC Channel #RGH3 For all the latest developments…… TEAM XECUTER