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salomon890 # Posted on 2012-07-04 at 08:09AM UTC

Well,the 1175 lt. should be relesaed ’till september,but that depends very much from sales of the new chips and usb pro v2 etc,because in my opinion,1175 it’s already done,the method is working ,but not for public.C4eva work for teamexecuter and they must touch the sales target.Untill then,nothing it changes with this dvd rom writing method.
Why so?It’s simple.If c4eva goes public with this method,nobody will buy the new toys form team ex.Don’t get me wrong,they do an amazing work and they are not anymore those boys from yesterday which showed everybody for free their amazing knowledges and hard work.No,they are now some kind of bussiness mans,which want money for their hard work.More money,less passion and dreams.Idealismus suck,be more practical.
So for now if you are eager to play back-ups ,just do the rgh,’cause dvd rom method still don’t has green light.Have a nice day!