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QuickMythril # Posted on 2012-07-12 at 07:00PM UTC

Lite-on DG-16D5S is the actual Hardware model of the newer dvd drives in the slim xboxes that is Not Yet able to be flashed with cfw. the Firmware version number is 1175, that can vary and could be updated by microsoft anytime. if you look on the main page of this site you will see that the DG-16D4S (older Lite-on slim drives) and other drives have had multiple different firmware revisions.

Corona is the type of the motherboard, and really has nothing to do with the dvd drive or ixtreme firmware at all. the earlier Trinity slim motherboard is already able to have the Reset Glitch Hack done, which allows unsigned code to be run on that system, but also makes it not safe to take online without great risk of banning.

all the newer systems seem to be coming with a combination of Corona motherboard and 1175 drive. if you had a Trinity with a 1175, you could use RGH to get the dvd key and use an Optical Disc Drive Emulator (such as the x360key or xk3y) which allows you to run games from a drive instead of using discs. this would be the only option for systems with the 1175 at this point, but of course the Corona RGH is still in progress. though it seems to be coming along nicely. ODDEs have been determined to be detectable by microsoft, however no one seems to be getting banned for using these online. (you would have to undo the RGH after you get the dvd key, which is required for the ODDE to work). the xk3y is a little expensive though.

i think that should clear up any misunderstandings. please ask if you have any more questions. for anyone interested in following the progress of Corona RGH check out i think the Coronas without the 4GB internal memory (the 16 MB nand) are actually glitchable at this point. it’s not ideal but i think it’s getting better. TX has been working hard to hack those systems as well as the 4GB nand Coronas, which is why they haven’t been putting any time into figuring out how to unlock the DG-16D5S drives, or making a replacement pcb for them.