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QuickMythril # Posted on 2012-03-04 at 11:23AM UTC

then i guess maybe c4eva isn’t a “hacker”, just a regular programmer… i’m not saying there is no use for an xk3y, sure it would be nice to play games from a hard drive instead of disc, and still be able to go online. if they choose not to support this product because they don’t feel it is safe, that’s their decision. i’m sure if an unrelated hacker figures out how to dump the key, they’d let everyone else know. currently the only information available is the fact that they decapped the chip to expose the inner circuitry. i assume they used a similar method to the kamikaze hack to cut the particular wire that disables the write protect once they figured out how the chip worked. but then the firmware is still encrypted and someone needs to be able to decode the key from that.

i don’t know what OT means… Overtime?

consider the fact that these people are doing this work for free. don’t you feel like you would possibly donate money to support the people who are working hard? if there was a safe way to make an ODDE then i would imagine TX would be working on it, and i’d much rather support them. time = money, and “hacking” takes time… if you have no source of money, then you have to spend your time earning another way instead of hacking… do you think c4eva is a robot who never sleeps or eats? if you support the xk3y, then why aren’t you on their forums asking them when they are going to decode the key from the 1175 fw. obviously it would be in their interest to do so. they would have all the 1175 customers as it would be the only way to play backups until cfw is released.