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QuickMythril # Posted on 2012-07-26 at 04:05AM UTC

i find it very disrespectful that you people are going on and on about how this is the end of custom firmware. funny cause all the other drives are still working. it’s normal for newer drives to have more and more security. that is probably the very reason microsoft designed them! for someone to have done so much work and shared it with the community is impressive to me. people are complaining that they have to wait so long. this is not something that is owed to you. what did you do to deserve to have your specific drive take priority over what c4e himself wants to do? you guys are lucky that i never became a moderator on this site, otherwise i would be deleting all the comments and posts that are just people being selfish and mean. and honestly i think you should be banned after multiple offenses. please just shut up! no one wants to hear about you being sad or angry that you can’t flash your drive. go get a different xbox! or find something else to do.