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QuickMythril # Posted on 2012-05-21 at 12:58AM UTC

there is only one game that is wave 14. that would be the second disc of Kinect Rush – A Disney/Pixar Adventure. the first disc is xgd3 and contains the game, but it was the first xgd3 game to require you to update to the new style dashboard. all previous xgd3 games only required 13599, this one required 14699. the second disc is just demos and it is xgd2 with the same dash as the xgd3 disc. so 14th wave is 14699. now the 15th wave games require 14719 dash and i know star wars kinect (xgd3) also requires this dash. i haven’t checked any of the other newer xgd3 titles, but if you run a disc (or iso) thru abgx360 there is a note at the top that says Min. Kernel Required.