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phrizz # Posted on 2012-04-27 at 11:38AM UTC


I would donate my 79FL 4b00 (cause we both know it doesn’t do the checks since I was the first to actually methodically test our original theory…seemingly months ago) but I don’t really want to give up the only drive I have aside from my BenQ ripping drive lol

Like my previous post, I still can’t believe nothing has been updated since the last time I was here literally weeks ago..aside from a few new “quotes” from c4. It’s looking like my facetious Hitachi 3.0 estimate of June/July/August wasn’t too far off; how sad is that? It’s a bit suspicious though, considering the new LiteOn is going to require extra hardware (ie. money-maker) in order to flash it, therefore old Hitachi gets thrown in the junk-drawer once again.

I guess it could be worse…we could all be stuck in the PS3 “scene”, if you can even call it that. Talk about a joke, absolutely zero standards among game releases, new stuff (games requiring 3.6+ FW) only works with a proprietary $60+ device with proprietary eboot patches and proprietary CFW. It’s pirates making money off pirates at the expense of PS3 game devs within the PS3 “scene”. Hell, even the damn Wii has a better scene than PS3 lol -*Can you tell I won’t be wasting money on a PS3 in the foreseeable future? ;)