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Ucla # Posted on 2012-04-28 at 09:06AM UTC

Yeah I agree I haven’t been on in awhile as since I suppose I have no need for 3.0 with my 79 I haven’t been too worried. I came back as I am doing some Lite on 3.0 updates for friends and was shocked nothing changed.

My ps3 is the only virgin next to my xbox and wii. I have always said I dont pay to play online so xbox is my beta tester ps3 is what I spend money on. An old flat mate of mine bought the ps3 key last year and its cool and all but he’s stuck. Till an updated cfw came out he couldn’t play anything new and you can never take them online. Sony might of done a shit job before protecting their infrastructure and all but, with console security they’ve usually faired better then the rest.

I guess the only good side of the ps3 key and now 360 key is it allows those usually unable to do their own modding the ability to if they cough up some $$$. The thing I don’t get is especially for phat xbox its so easy these days it isn’t even funny anymore. Only difficult one has ever really been a few lite-ons and what one benq? First I ever did was a lite-on 93405c using RMA hack..That was a bitch!!! Since then I got a lt clip ck3 kit and probe 2. Then all you needed was a probe 3 and no more trace cuts for lite on. Things aint the same for gangstas haha. Oh well makes my life easier now when helping out my friends.