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Aerwith # Posted on 2012-05-04 at 08:01AM UTC

Just a quick question, do we have any evidence or confirmation of 78 AP25 handling? I keep searching forum to forum and it seems all the info comes back to one post (possibly from c4eva himself himself) that says “all hitachi save for 78/79 ignore AP25.” After some scouring of the deep seas of the internet I can find the different firmware of 79 keep popping up as AP25 active or not, but I have not yet found traces of 78′s flagging xval. I am sure that c4eva has probably seen something in the firmware for 78′s that resounded with AP25 and the reason he is working hard on 78 LT3+, but for right now I don’t know.

My post isn’t trying to be used as fact, but I am trying to end the supposed loop of people sourcing eachother saying 78′s are flag active and I would like to see if anyone with a 78 has a flag due to a failed AP25 challenge.