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QuickMythril # Posted on 2012-06-06 at 05:32PM UTC

older drives like samsung and the pre 78/79 hitachi drive actually are physically unable to perform the ap2.5 checks. even though hitachi 78/79 drives are the same GDR-3120L model, the circuit boards are actually a bit different to allow them to do the check. my guess is that microsoft still had some of the older boards and just wrote the 78/79 firmware to those and shipped them out. so if you happen to have the correct circuit board then your drive is “ap2.5 immune”. which means you can play any disc, whether it has topology (for LT+3.0), individual ap2.5 challenge responses (for LT+2.0 and before), or even nothing in the ap2.5 replay sectors (before ap2.5 came out) because your drive won’t even try to read anything from that part of the disc. you still cannot play truncated xgd3s with a hitachi though.