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phrizz # Posted on 2011-12-08 at 10:58PM UTC

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Good god, this is unbelievable. These idiots apparently really do think that 3.0 is about to release any second because “itz pazt Dec 6! durharr!”

Completely agree, it sure didn’t take long for the mass of hypocrites to turn into the same people they flamed for two months. I almost wish the FW would release any day now for the simple fact that the people who actually use the site and the forums here can have it back. At this point I’m tired of trying to accommodate everyone and be nice about shit when it’s so painfully obvious that a huge majority of users here aren’t old enough to vote or smoke cigarettes in the US. They’re at the age of “Im so badass cuz I got momz lappy and I cuss @ newbz on the net”

Yeah, what Quick said. Telling us “my 79 still works” is essentially useless when the thread title is WHICH 78′s and 79′s don’t perform AP25 checks. There are four versions of each drive, we want to know what versions, not what ROM number. (ie. I have a 79FL with DVD key @ 4b00 – where 4b00 is the version we’re interested in, it is the specific firmware that gets flashed to my drive)

(fifth attempt at posting this)