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QuickMythril # Posted on 2011-12-09 at 12:02AM UTC

phrizz, i admire your dedication. i’ve been having the same problems with this site, as i’m sure everyone is. i try to tell myself that it can’t be from people looking for 3.0, but it probably is. the funny thing is, it’s not even uploaded here usually, until a regular user like us links to it. if people -really- wanted to get the firmware as soon as possible, they’d check the topic in #c4e or #fw on efnet (that’s irc for people who don’t know). of course now people are going to start asking for it in the channel, which really pisses off the people there.

anyway, i’m pretty much just posting for conversation. i’m sure you won’t mind having something to read other than “why won’t my hitachi drive work with truncated discs” for the hundredth time. i’ve started the habit of copying my post to the clipboard before i press post in case the page times out and i lose all that i’ve written.

i guess i’ll get back on topic. so far we have people just in this thread with 79 4d20, 4b00, and 4e10 claiming no ap2.5. i really thought it would just be maybe 1 of the 4, but it doesn’t seem like it. i asked in #c4e if anyone on the firmware team was aware of the fact that many people are reporting this and i only got a response from another “regular” user that they’d heard of that, but only from people who changed their osig. the way people are explaining here i doubt that is the case for any of them. i also sent a message to c4eva directly, but who knows if he will ever see or address it.

my theory on this keeps changing. i feel like we may never get a definitive answer, since there is no way to be sure people actually are checking their original unmodified firmware dumps (which some people might not even have.) my guess is c4e decided also there was no way to be sure and so he just accounted for ap2.5 to be checked by all 78/79 drives. better safe than sorry. similar to flashing to stock for updates (which i know many people don’t do), this thread has given some people interesting new info, and hopefully saved some discs from going into the trash. even if this is unacknowledged or unsupported by “the team”. well i am going to go hang out in irc for a bit, hopefully i don’t upset too many people with my “hard-to-answer questions” and “answers-to-questions that they don’t like to give officially”.

later people.