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phrizz # Posted on 2011-12-10 at 02:13AM UTC

Glad to be of service m8 =)

I am pretty confident that we may not need 3.0 anytime soon. If M$ can’t activate AP25 checks within a drive (which I assume they can’t considering Samsung and pre-78′s remain immune to AP25) via SystemUpdates, we may not need 3.0 at all like Sammy and pre-78′s. This is probly a bit premature to get very excited, but finding this out and literally seeing it for myself certainly seems promising.

I wish some others here with different firmwares aside from the now confirmed 79 4b00 would do exactly what I did and test an XGD2 AP25 game with Lt+ 1.1 that has NO AP25 replay sector. Doing the test with Lt+ 1.1 pretty much guarantees you won’t get flagged if that is a concern because if your drive does AP25 checks, you will get the ~3minute fail-safe period to turn off your console to avoid a flag.

Oh well, I’m just glad that someone here has the same drive as me and found my test either useful or informative =) I know Quick doesn’t have a Hitachi, but like me, he too is hungry for knowledge about this kind of stuff lol