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goyik # Posted on 2011-12-16 at 02:37AM UTC

Phrizz, you are partially right, but you can’t absolutely confirm that 79 4b00 is not AP 2.5 capable because of your own drive behavior.
Why c4eva has recently confirmed that there will be LT 3.0 for hitachi 79?, that clearly means that this dirve is AP 2.5 capable, he also confirmed which drives will not have LT 3.0 because they are not AP 2.5 capable, why didn’t he included the 79 in the category of non AP 2.5 drives?.
In my opinion, obviously he knows something that you don’t, hes the man, he’s c4eva, he should know if 79 is AP 2.5 capable or not, and he has spoken, and said YES Hitachi 79 is AP 2.5 capable and will have LT 3.0.
So, what I’m thinking is that there are some consoles around there that probably where originaly designed to be shipped with an old Hitachi non AP 2.5 drive, and for some reason at late time M$ changed the drive model to Hitachi 79, and probably the console is still thinking is not AP 2.5 capable (something like a factory spoofing) and that’s why the console skip the checks.
So, I think, what you have is a AP 2.5 capable Hitachi 79 drive installed on non AP2.5 capable console.
I also think there are very few of them, and the owner of one of those must be considered lucky.
Mine is Arcade model, manufactured on September 2007, also has confirmed Falcon mobo with HDMI, and Hitachi 79 4B00 drive, also has 16.5A power supply (which is not common on falcon boards, a very rare specimen), I think is not doing AP 2.5 checks, but I can’t be sure because I’m not in an easy position to make the tests by myself.

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