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CV # Posted on 2012-01-31 at 11:30AM UTC

I also have a Hitachi 79fl 4c30 (in a Falcon Elite) and can also confirm it does not appear to do AP 2.5 checks.

A while ago (back when they originally came out) I had backups of AC:B and COD:BO, since then I got bored of playing backups and reflashed my drive to stock to play on Xbox Live.

Currently I have the latest dash and have been on live recently, so obviously have the latest DAE update, but I decided to flash LT+ 2.0b on my drive a few days ago.

I tried both AC:B and COD:BO and both still work just fine, if AP 2.5 challenges were being done & failed the disks would obviously not work due to the outdated AP 2.5 responses on both disks, so that has lead me to the conclusion that my drive simply does not do AP 2.5 checks.

I’m getting an iHAS burner soon and will confirm if XGD3 disks with Topology data also work fine when I do. (I’m assuming they will).