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QuickMythril # Posted on 2012-01-31 at 11:53AM UTC

xval just means you’ve failed an ap2.5 challenge. from my understanding it still flags if you fail the check, but it doesn’t mean you will always be banned, and people who are banned don’t always have it flagged.

i’m pretty sure that some 78/79 drives actually do the ap2.5 checks, otherwise why would they bother to make a 3.0 for them. (i also had someone individually tell me that their drive did the checks.) i asked someone in contact with “the team” and they said they weren’t really aware that some 78/79 drives are ap2.5 immune. hopefully it wasn’t that conversation that caused hitachi 3.0 to be put on the back burner.

it’s nice to see that a good amount of people actually could benefit from this thread and that it wasn’t just one random person who got lucky with a 78/79 drive. i still have yet to uncover why this happens at all though.