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jungle0124 # Posted on 2012-02-05 at 03:49PM UTC

Ok so please bare with me, don’t jump on my head if i ask stupid stuff. I have a hitachi 79fl, don’t know which type and i can’t currently check it with jungleflasher since i don’t have a pc at my place.

I do have LT 2.0b, and dash 13599, my console is also banned so i only play offline on this one. When gears 3 launched, i bought it and made a backup but only 2 weeks ago i burned it with the ihas drive. Game worked fine no problems.

Now i don’t know how to tell if this one does or doesn’t do ap25 checks since it’s freaking banned but, how does this thing work. If it does the ap check what will i encounter ? I assume if it doesn’t it will just play normally, right ?

Should i update to the latest dash and check if the gears backup still works ? then i should know ? or something… ?

Please someone share some wisdom