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kingcom # Posted on 2012-02-14 at 11:06PM UTC

Hi, and thanks evryone for the useful info in that forum :)

I hope I can help. Still waiting for my beloved 3.0 in my Hitachi.

I have one of these “faulty” ;) Hitachi drive that performs AP2.5 checks. It is a 79FL 4e10 with 2.0b.

Everything works fine until the last silent update in the last dashboard (not the latest one that wall rolled out today 14/02… was so lovely ;) )

I use Verbatim MK003 media with Liteon+imaxburner and doing full backups, no the truncate ones style burning. I also have another x360 with Lite-On 74850C with 3.0 to verify all my backups. I can confirm that all my backups with XGD3 works fine in my Lite-On, but fails in my hitachi (pre AP2.5 and xgd2 games works fine). Also, i’m flagged in xval :( but still playing in XBL (only with no ap2.5 games)

Then, as I said I’m waiting for the 3.0 like a child for a new candy, but if I can help with any kind of test, info or whatever you would need to help the betatest developing of 3.0… here I am :)