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QuickMythril # Posted on 2012-03-04 at 11:45AM UTC

if you need to play a disc using LT+ 2.0 you will need to have the proper ap2.5 response data instead of topology data. the link you posted doesn’t make any sense to me. how can you use ONE patch for every single xgd3 game? did you read what the silent dae.bin update actually did? everyone’s dae.bin is different and unique to their console. the only safe way to patch a disc for use with 2.0 is to dump your nand, rgh your console to get the cpu key, take your dae.bin from your decrypted nand, and use that with xbc to rip the correct ap2.5 replay sector from an original retail copy of the disc you are trying to play as a backup. i’m not even 100% that would work as i haven’t tried it. i never saw anyone who said they tried that and it worked. and i never saw anyone “in the know” say that something like that could be done. that’s just my guess as to how you would have to do it.

did you notice the first thing it says on that link is: “Please remember that you can get a disc unsupported message with this converted ISO and this CAN flag your console.”

that is because everyone’s dae.bin is different. if you use the ap2.5 replay sector that they have posted there, you only have a small chance that it will be the one you need. if you are on dash 13599 then it sure that method would work, because it is still using the v12 of the dae.bin which is the same for everyone. and since all xgd3 have the same topology so far, they would all give the same response during an ap2.5 check. but after the silent update people were reporting that some games would work and some would not. some people reported all their games still worked, some said none. my guess is that when everyone’s dae.bin got “randomized” some of the ap2.5 responses just happened to be the same as they were in the v12 dae.bin. if your drive doesn’t do the checks, then it doesn’t matter what dashboard you are on. it doesn’t matter if you have topology data, ap2.5 response data, or empty data. if your drive does the check, then you are better off just waiting for 3.0 or get a different xbox if you can’t wait. or stick to the xgd2 games…

you should re-read the posts that were made when all this started happening as well as some info on how the ap2.5 challenges actually work: