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QuickMythril # Posted on 2012-03-04 at 11:55AM UTC

also i have been thinking some more about how it is possible for some drives to do the checks and some not. supposedly the hitachi drives are all the same hardware: GDR-3120L. so why would the older drives be completely unable to do the checks, then the next ones are able? i am thinking maybe there is actually some hardware difference that has never been looked into. maybe microsoft ordered a bunch of older circuit boards, then requested a new type that was ap2.5 capable. but then they still had a bunch of the older ones sitting around by the time they designed the 78/79 firmware. i would really love to get my hands on a couple 78/79 drives, one with and one without checks, and do some experimenting. maybe dump both firmwares and switch them around. it has to be a hardware difference or they could have just flashed all hitachis to be able to do checks. and i used to think maybe it was something stored in the nand, but again they could have just updated that before going to market with it. or they could have added in ap2.5 capability for all hitachis during the 13599 update. if there was a way to distinguish between them without just trying a disc, maybe team jungle could program that into JF somehow and you’d know right away whether or not you need LT+ 3.0