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Ucla # Posted on 2012-04-22 at 12:57PM UTC

I am really curious as to which Hitachis actually do contain the ap 2.5 checks? It is knowledge that all the older drives do not have it and it seems like just about every 79 is excluded as well. I haven’t heard anything about 78s so maybe they are the only ones? When I first got into the scene I had a LIte on and when ap 2.5 finally rolled out much later I was affected. I always remembered reading that all Samsungs and Hitachis were exempt. When I had to replace my Xbox I ended up with a Hitachi 79 and I remembered thinking great I am safe from 2.5 (and wtf unlocking with an audio cd lol). It wasn’t until +2.0 was in the works that I learned it was possible for Hitachi to have the data. I will say though I never had to patch any of my older 2.5 games to work with my Hitachi which is why I assumed it was true that none of them had it.