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QuickMythril # Posted on 2012-03-04 at 11:50PM UTC

quantum fluctuations in the fabric of reality cause ripples across a spinning disc. 1 out of every 1 trillion neutrinos that would normally pass through all normal matter on earth will covert themselves into energy inside the drive which causes the laser to burn a microscopic hole all the way thru the foil of the disc and when the xbox tries to read it back it fails as there is no reflective surface at that bit of data.

nah just kidding. have you tried using mcse to burn them at 2.4x? i have heard that 003s are better at 4x. somehow due to the physics of the disc spinning at certain rates, they decided that was preferred, but i still have the personal feeling that slower is always safer and less likely to get errors. also it seems like Optimal Power Calibration would always be…optimal, so i use 2.4x with OPC on for all type of discs. honestly i never ended up getting any 003s, so i can’t say from experience, but i would definitely give that a shot if you are having issues.

it is expected to get some coasters once in a while. even with the highest quality disc, you are still pushing past the boundaries of what they are rated for, so maybe some discs just pass their quality assurance, but are still not good enough to use for xgd3 burns.