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phrizz # Posted on 2012-02-25 at 08:54PM UTC


Sure enough, simply reducing the Read Speed to 2x seems to have resolved the issue and the Game CRC passes in abgx (along with everything else, aside from topology since I haven’t uploaded my topology to the database). I had tried 2x with XBC 345 before 350 released and was getting the same errors which made me think it would be the same in 350 but this was the first time actually trying 2x in XBC 350. What’s that saying about assuming? =P

I guess I just need to stick with XBC 350 and the incredibly slow 2x read speed. I wonder if a POT tweak would result in the ability of higher read speeds in XBC or if the laser is just on it’s way to tapping out altogether..?

Also, as far as the settings in XBC, what all should be checked ON in the “Read” section of the Options tab? I have the default, which is only the top two (“Delete on Cancel” and “Process AP25″). Should “Add Filler to Video” and/or “Build Clean ISO” be checked?

In the “Drive Specific” section of the Options tab, I have my drive selected (VAD6038) and manually lowered the read speed down to 2x.