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flaco185 # Posted on 2013-11-28 at 12:57AM UTC

The biggest bullcrap I’ve seen just yet! FAKE PEOPLE PLEASE DON’T EVEN BOTHER WATCHING THE VIDEO!
First of all:
1. COMPLEX hasn’t made any release for Xbox One ISO Scene Releases. ONLY Call of Duty Ghost.
2. You show that you supposedly have a rip, then try to assume you’re cutting the game in 2 discs. I don’t see 2 copies of the supposed Xbox 360 Iso made.
3. When you run that ripping app you made, it’s so crappy and the “Works Fine” notification gives it all out.
4. I don’t know if you knew, even a super computer would take more than just 5 seconds to split a 47GB Xbox One Iso to 3 or 4 Xbox 360 Iso files.
5. When you go to the Xbox 360 Iso folder to get the rip you supposedly got, apart from you just having just 1 file. You quickly cover the FILE SIZE with your Big Blue banner. If the video is paused, I can easily see its 1KB File. FAKE!
6. You supposedly insert the burned Xbox One iso to the disc. And then you placed the supposed copy to the Xbox 360, while you’re doing so, you have the camera facing the Xbox 360, Reason why??
7. Reason is, because you’re getting away from the TV Screen so you can load up YOUTUBE app on the Xbox 360, and play a Ryse Son Of Rome gameplay video.
8. After your good long minutes of just showing your Xbox 360 and placing an empty Flash Drive in which showed no purpose, just kill time while you load up YouTube.
9. The Ryse video is playing, you quickly move the camera from TV to Xbox Controller as soon as a button display shows, to play it off as if you’re pressing the buttons.
10. You pressed the Xbox Guide Button but quickly press it again, so the camera won’t can’t the Guide Button saying “Exit YouTube”.
11. And on the site to download the so called Iso Splitter you so called programmed, it’s all but Surveys getting you money to get people to press your download button.