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skybird # Posted on 2011-10-22 at 12:14AM UTC

That method works for most of the XGD3 games released so far, up until Forza 4. Forza 4 has new LBA hash checks and those checks fail if only 97% of the game is burned on the disc, which can throw up errors when you’re playing. It’s also possible that it may flag your console – if not in the current dashboard version, then in a future one.

You’re better off either getting one of the required Lite-On drives and using Burner Max to burn 100% of the game, or switching to a drive emulator where you don’t need to burn discs at all. If you’re only playing offline, that would be a better solution in the long term because you don’t have to keep buying blank discs, no burning is required, and when the DAE table is updated in a dashboard update you don’t have to keep ripping/patching/re-burning all of your games (as all XGD3 games use AP2.5 now).