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toestarx # Posted on 2011-11-28 at 06:06AM UTC


I really wasn’t trying to be uncivil or anything, but I did find your posts irksome. After being on this site for a few weeks I may have upped my BS detector up a bit, so sorry if it was a false positive. Everyone here is either having an unexpected issue, or is trying to see what unsupported methods work for what drives (like truncating). The JF tutorial and the front page already cover the “by the book way”. Therefore, your long (and repeated) way of saying “do exactly what c4eva said”, isn’t helpful, because we all already have c4eva as a source ourselves, we’re on his website. Again, not trying to flame you or be a jerk, I’m just explaining myself, and why I thought you might be trolling.

Also, about the disconnecting the laser thing on the other thread. I wasn’t saying you were wrong, you weren’t, I just wanted to make sure anyone reading the thread knew it wasn’t likely their problem, and end up replacing their laser before trying 100% media, the way more probable solution. Its a thread about using 97% backups after all.

Civility restored?