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QuickMythril # Posted on 2011-12-03 at 08:02AM UTC

the reason that so many issues are popping up with hitachi drives is that, during testing, not every model and firmware number was able to be tested. just finding an xbox with a hitachi drive is probably a little bit difficult, since so many older ones have been sent in to microsoft or thrown in the trash (red ring), then after that they had to find one of each model. even being the awesome firmware programmer that he is, c4e can’t really afford to buy that many drives and spend time on each one. unfortunately there is nothing we can do but try different fixes, and share our experiences with each other to find a workaround until a new firmware update is released. the more information we can compile together, the more c4e will know when he begins working on a fix. (that is the reason for this thread of course.) remember all the time he spends on one thing is time taken away from another. so all we can do is be grateful and patient until we hear some official news.