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Astromine # Posted on 2011-11-27 at 10:31PM UTC

I am currently playing all of my XGD3 backups perfectly fine with no errors at all with LT+ 2.0 for Hitachi. I don’t think c4eva would spend as much times as he did testing 2.0 for the Hitachi just to release it so people would have problems. I’m sure the problems are on your end. If you burn XGD3 using ANY other method/hardware other than Lite-On iHAS*124 flashed with iXtreme Burner MAX v1.0 and Imgburn you are asking for problems with unreadable disks or even being flagged for ban on Xbox Live. c4eva didn’t come out with the new Burner MAX firmware just for the hell of it! It’s the only way to guarantee an accurate, error free burn of XGD3 disks. I am currently using Liteon iHAS124B = baseline model FLASHED w iXtreme Burner MAX that I bought off someone on eBay. It was already flashed with Burner MAX v1.0 so I was able to start burning immediately when it arrived. Instead of wasting disks, or setting yourself up to get banned from Xbox Live, burn them the way that c4eva has stated as the ONLY compatible way.