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phrizz # Posted on 2011-11-07 at 11:35PM UTC

2nd Burn (also MKM001 MIS)
My EEPROM settings:
Smartburn = ON
Force Hyper Tuning = ON
Online Hyper Tuning = ON
Over Speed Writing = ON
OPC Clear = Before each burn

ImgBurn settings:
Burn Speed = 4x

KProbe2 results (SPTI, ASPI suddenly is no longer available to select):
PI Max = 28
Pi Avg. = 1.14
Pi Total = 35823

PIF Max = 4
PIF Avg. = 0.14
PIF Total = 4313
Second burn also went smooth. The test results as you can see came out incredibly better after only changing two settings (OverSpeed = ON and Burnt @ 4x)

I am going to run the test one more time, if the results are nearly identical I will be sticking to these settings from now on.

Thanks to QuickMythril for bringing up the KProbe2 program (not sure if it was mentioned here before you, if so thanks goes to them as well) and of course thanks to Ubergeek at the TX forums and a BIG thanks to MOCAMBO at the TX forums (specifically for THIS post)

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