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phrizz # Posted on 2011-11-08 at 12:13AM UTC

Second scan from my second burn that was successful in both ImgBurn AND KProbe2, just to verify the first results weren’t a fluke…

KProbe2 results (SPTI driver):
Pi Max = 18
Pi Avg. = 1.03
Pi Total = 32435

PIF Max = 3
PIF Avg. = 0.13
PIF Total = 4123

Definitely sticking to this setup. The graphs from both show some spikes around the layer-change and near the end of the disc but all the numbers are certainly within the “guidelines” by Ubergeek on TX forums. So, thanks again to everyone I mentioned in my previous post. =) (only one coaster!)

I can post the images from all of my scans if anyone is interested, otherwise I’ll leave it as text on here.